Advisor Ajay

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I'm a Born Clairvoyant, tarot card reader, Vedic Astrology and palmistry expert, since my childhood, I was always felt other people's energy which made me learn psychic techniques which helped many people through their difficult time, helping people in need always gave me inner peace which has helped me increase my positive energy. I don't give answers which you like rather than that I am quite honest about what I feel and guide you the path which will always be quite positive for you by using my psychic abilities. I use clairvoyance to gain information about any material or non-material or place or event using extrasensory perception and then I give solutions to their problem using astrology and tarot card reading, it also helps me to know more about them. Some of the rituals which I give them really help people in need and suffering from some bad energy, Sensing peoples feelings and giving advice to them how to get a positive feeling is what I love to do as it gives me inner peace which I always crave for.


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4 (5)

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