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I am in communication with internal spirit guides who have access to higher or deeper wisdom and that they themselves, as psychics, are messengers or channels for this knowledge or information. I have come to understand however, through my work, studies, meditation and deep training that there is only ONE mind. No mind is separate from any other mind. Your mind IS my mind. It is only the illusion of separateness and identification with our personal ego that we believe we are our own individual identities and minds. In life we ‘play the game’ of being separate or individual people, when in reality, we are ONE. There is no mystical, hocus-pocus involved in psychic ability. That is Hollywood’s interpretation that sells movie tickets. The work I do in a psychic session is to drop the wall or barrier between my client and myself. Here, my mind meets your mind. Our mind. I do not ‘play the game’ of being a separate individual in a psychic coaching session or crossing over session. All information is accessible in this space. It just needs to be tapped into and guided by The Angels. I reached this level of understanding by spending many, many hours in awake meditation, marrying my own mind to the mind of everyone and everything. I continue to practice this awareness every day of my life, as my understanding of what BEING actually means. My learning constantly deepens, evolves and grows. Expanding and supporting every part of the “BIG ME” (being every person in my world), is why I love what I do and connecting with the Angel Guides who are daily guiding us. From a young child I knew I was special, and had my awakening .


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