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Alex Daniels Psychic - The Angel that guides you toward the Truth.  Hi welcome! Welcome to my profile. I have been in the world of the paranormal for over thirty years and have always been involved in psychic reading, clairvoyance, and the study of spiritual phenomena; that is, the way of perceiving and seeing the presence of spirits. In my journey as an expert I have achieved many readings with clients, difficult situations, easy situations, and impossible situations but I have always wanted and tried to help and advise the customer in the right way. My father is also a psychic; he always told me that there was an entity in me, that entered me when I was fifteen, and it would be my spirit guide or symbiotic entity.   I am here with my experience as a psychic and my will to help you solve your difficulties or troubles. In addition to being a psychic, I am a clairvoyant. I deal with examining complicated situations in love, couple returns, couple and marriage crises, couple affinity, and soul mates. I channel if there are negative energies around you that can block your life. I also take care of helping you understand how your work, your career, economic, and professional development will go. I gather with me all the energies of my guides to help you as best as possible. I want to be clear with you and not deceive you. I want to accompany you in a genuine reading that can lead you toward your goal so that you can understand what can change for the better in your life. I am here to advise you and to be close to you in your daily difficulties. I'll wait for you and good luck.


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