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My Specialities: -Connecting with Guides -Working with Archangels -Energy Psychology -Energy Based Diagnostics -Theta Healing -Breathwork -Astral Projection/Expanded States Consulting -Mer-Isis Pendulum Reading & Healing -Advanced }Meditation Training -Heart/Brain Coherence -Holy Fire Reiki (Certified Professional) As a professional energy healer and founder of The Language of Light Wellness, Boston's premiere energy work and spiritual development healing center, I have gathered years of wisdom and insight, allowing me to specialize in aligning subtle energies through distance healing, which in turn enables my clients to more joyfully share their gifts with the world. I offer compassionate and results based energy coaching, as well as spiritual guidance and healing services that are unlike anything else you'll find online or elsewhere. Too many of us are living out our days in perpetual fight or flight, locking us into unconscious patterns of energetic imbalance. But what if I told you that you are not broken, that you can live with joy and abundance using only the power of thought, emotion, and the cultivation of higher vibrational energies? You would probably read right past it, as these claims have been overused by charlatans and spiritually ignorant wishful thinkers, not understanding that spiritual practice and philosophy is just as verifiable as the material sciences, but only for you personally. All I can tell you is that I am a naturally gifted intuitive healer, and that the words I use are based in what every single one of my past clients have reported. This is the real deal. If you are familiar with the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza, Neville Goddard, or you are interested in healing body mind and spirit with the power of faith and assumption, balanced energy and through self understanding, you don't have to think twice, this is the healing you have been searching for.


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Karen Mcallan  12 September