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Tarot and Oracle Card master! Ask me anything and allow my deck to guide you through life’s stickiest situations. My gifts allow you to peer deep into the minds of those around you. You’ll be able to understand exactly how a certain person is feeling towards you. Get clarity on their intentions and motives! Allow your angel guides to send you direct messages, signs and warnings through an oracle reading with me. WHAT FOES A READING FEEL LIKE WITH ME? * I provide a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. You will feel safe to discuss anything with me, and know that a session with me is a judgement free zone. MY READING STYLE *I am a very compassionate reader who is very honest and to the point. MY GIFTS AND EXPERIENCE - INTUITIVE READER -ENERGY READER - TAROT CARD MASTER - ASTROLOGIST AND HOROSCOPE READER - 4+ YEARS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE * I do not accept health,pregnancy or legal topics.


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Tana  14 September