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Intuitive counselling with Tarot Cards I have helped over 500 people gain clarity and direction and I’m here to help you too. My intuitive skills and BA in Psychology provides an in valuable service of helping you navigate life ‘s difficult situations. Traditional therapy takes too long and going it alone doesn’t work. Tarot gives you a clear snapshot of where you are and where you’re heading and that will empower you to make decisions towards the life you desire. Please note the cards may not always say what you want to hear but it is definitely what you need to hear. I am simply the translator. If you struggle with: Love and relationships, Money and wealth development, Stress, depression and anxiety, Career, Future, spiritual life path and life purpose. Lack of confidence and clarity? Even if you’re not sure what is bothering you, I helped relieve the discomfort and frustration by navigating you through the confusion. Let me help you manifest the life you want.


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3 (5)

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